Rebuilding Mid-Columbia creates new program to assist in Corona Relief


As we enter into week 4 of quarantine, I believe that we could all benefit from a story of hope, generosity, and kindness....


As you know, the families that RMC serves, are elderly, disabled, and/or have chronic health issues. This means that they are deemed the most "vunerable", when it comes to Covid-19. This has led to many of our families feeling that it is unsafe for them to leave their homes.


To address this issue, RMC has had the privilege of partnering with the members of IBEW Local 112. ... it was through this partnership, that we have created and successfully launched an "Adopt-a-family" program.

This program was designed to partner an IBEW volunteer with one of our vunerable neighbors. The volunteers offer weekly wellness checks, grocery delivery, and pharmacy pick-ups.

Rebuilding Mid-Columbia forced to temporarily close their doors due to "Stay-at-Home" order


Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Governor Inslee has just issued a "Stay-at-Home" order for the state of Washington. This means that Rebuilding Mid-Columbia will be forced to close its doors until further notice. 

Stay safe,

Rebuilding Mid-Columbia

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